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Another terrific Bill Simon book with an emphasis on startling effects brought about by easy-to-master moves, rather than difficult sleights. Effects include: The Vital Prediction - Simon's solution to Paul Curry's Open Prediction, The Mathemagician - a self-working effect where two spectators find the aces after freely cutting and dealing any number of cards, Eye Doubt It will have your spectators rubbing their eyes after the two red queens change into two black deuces and back again, The Flash Change - four indifferent cards chosen by a spectator turn into four aces in a flash, The Four Packet Shuffle - an easy to perform handling for a Triumph-inspired effect, a strong visual and impromptu Ring on Wand, Simon's variation on Hen Fetsch's Copper/Silver Transpo (using regular coins), Sponge Surprise - a short sponge routine with a strong climax, and more. New typesetting and layout, 29 pages, illustrated.