WOW!! (Katsuya Masuda)


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Wow is one of the best selling tricks of this decade. You will have seen plenty of rip-offs on your travels, but as is our policy we'll only ever stock the authorized original version.

The effect is that a spectator selects a card and signs her name across its face, before losing the card back in the deck. The magician then takes an indifferent card and places it into a plastic card holder (admittedly, it's a bit weird looking - but you can cover this with the right presentation). With just a small gesture, the indifferent card morphs into the signed selection. The card is removed from the holder and handed out for examination. It's crazy visual and pretty scary to watch!

The trick is easy to perform but is one of the most visual and fooling tricks in card magic. A Vanishing Inc insider tip: if you'd like to see just how far you can take this gimmick, check out Bernard Bilis' presentation for the trick here (don't copy his presentation of course; be inspired by it).

While it's pretty pricey for a card trick, you'll be amazed at just how clever and visual this trick is!