MARKED ESP DECK MAGIC by Stan Lobenstern


€ 10.00

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These cards are a well-kept secret. I usually have a set with me at all times because I can do SOOO much with these cards. The back designs are very similar to the Dr. Rhine backs, but with white borders. What makes these ESP cards different from most is that they are marked and the marks are printed right into the design. You can use them as both a marked deck and a one-way deck. And this fact is little known because it's not in the instructions. I'll explain everything on this page though. I'm not sure what the story about these cards are, but a professional who knew what he was doing must have created these. Once you use them, you'll agree that these are much more versatile than ordinary ESP card decks. And, best of all, this is not an expensive prop. The symbols on the faces of the cards, incidentally, are in the traditional black, not the multi-colored versions that some other decks have.