David Britland's PARALLAX


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How many effects do you know that use only one playing card? Well Parallax is just that.

The performer shows a playing card (any size works from jumbo card down to regular size) . A spectator holds the card face up. He grips it firmly and does not let go until the effect is over. Nevertheless the performer turns the card face down, visibly, right in front of the spectator's eyes. Yes, the card turns over whilst the spectator is holding it. It looks quite impossible. Only one card is used and the effect is performed openly and without cover of any kind. It's a topological miracle that you will be able to perform right away.

[Note that this ebook does not come with the prepared card. Originally this booklet was sold with a prepared Jumbo card. However, with the instructions it is quite easy to prepare a card. All you need is a straight edge and a box cutter.]

Also included is Terri Rogers' and Shiv Duggal's Hatch 22, a variation of Parallax, as well as David Britland's Twisted Sister routine (the ideal introduction to Card Warp) and a new finish for David's famous Tearing a Lady in Two.