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Comments (Stewart Tame): The nice thing about comb binding is that the book lies flat on the table. It's a distinct advantage when learning an effect to be able to palm the Ace of Spades in one hand while holding the deck horizontally in the other and not have to hold the book open with the third hand. The not so nice thing about comb binding is that it looks really tacky.


1 Introduction by Looy Simonoff
Chapter One:
3 Bayberry Bag Swindle: Chop Cup routine in which the cup is formed from a flat bottomed paper sack, the top two-thirds of the bag is torn off and rolled into a ball, the remaining third (the bottom of the bag) forms the "cup", final load with two extra large paper balls, each completely fills the "cup."

11 Chapter Two:
11 The Giant Killer Coin: Four Coin Assembly (Paul recommends it as a follow-up to Al Schneider's Matrix), with four coins and two playing cards, climax in which a giant three inch coin is produced.

17 Chapter Three: Card Magic
19 Illusion: Selected card vanishes from between two Jacks to appear face up in a face down deck.
21 Flip-Flop-Plop: Lower half of deck tossed from one hand to other, chosen card placed on top of half, half cards remaining in other hand thrown onto this pile, remaining cards placed on top, selected card actually ends up on top of deck.
23 The Phantom: A chosen card in one packet instantly trades places with an unknown card in another packet.
26 Open Revelation: A "quick, startling method of visually producing a selected card."
28 Rip Off Reverse: Spectator shuffles and cuts the deck, signs face of card cut to, magician tears card into four pieces, spectator cuts to another card, which is placed face down on their hand, when card is turned over it proves to be the one they signed, pieces of torn card fit together to form card that had previously been on their hand.
33 Joker Poker: Joker placed face down in center of face up deck, half the deck turned face down and shuffled into other half, cards shown to be mixed face up and face down, deck then instantly changes to face up, cards spread to show one face down, the Joker, entire deck shown to have different color backs.
36 The Mystery of the Inner Aces: Three selected cards appear face down intermixed with the four face up Aces.
39 Press: Three selected cards are placed together into a packet and dropped face down onto a stack of four face up Aces, packet covered by magician's hand, uncovered to show top card is now face up Ace, packet spread to show selected cards interwoven face down with the face up Aces.
41 Color Stunner: Deck shuffled with half face up and half face down cards, cards magically right themselves so that they all face the same direction, the backs of the cards are shown to have changed color.
45 Think of a Card: Performer fans deck and asks spectator to think of card, magician looks through deck and upjogs one card, spectator names card, magician squares deck and removes upjogged card which proves to be their selection.
49 Silver and Aces: Spectator freely cuts deck into four stacks, top card in each stack turned face up to reveal all four Aces, Aces then moved aside to reveal half dollar under each.
55 Transfusion Confusion: Unknown card placed in card case and set aside, spectator selects card, signs face, magician tears card into four pieces, pieces placed in center of deck, card case touched to deck, deck spread to reveal face down card in center, turned around it proves to be signed card restored, card case opened to show card inside now in pieces.

59 Chapter Four:
59 Flash Fold: Business card initialed by spectator appears folded up inside matchbox.