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"The greatest work ever published on the Linking Rings". That’s what Dr. Tarbell said when he looked over the manuscript for this book which is by one of the best of the present day artists.

Jack's long-cherished secrets are yours at last - his ring through a ring, ring through arms, special three-ring routine, his special handling, etc. You get all, and in addition to the linking ring instructions, he also gives you a separate chapter on ring and rope penetrations. 

Contents Include:

  • Preface by Jean Hugard.
  • Before Starting
  • Jack Miller's Linking Ring Routine With Five Rings 
  • The Count. Counting the 5 rings separately
  • Having Rings Examined Without Switching Key
  • How To Take Two Single Rings From Spectator and Link Them Together
  • The Snap Thru
  • Can't Go Thru
  • Off the Arm
  • Lay In the Hole
  • The Beer Sign
  • Chain of Three
  • Sucker Key Switch Separation
  • Separating Two Solid Linked Rings:
  • Pushing the Rings Through the Arm
  • Causing the Ring to Jump from one Arm to the Center of the Other Arm
  • Ring Monte
  • Chain of Four
  • The Climax Chain Five Rings
  • Special Supplementary Feature...Miracle Moves with Ring and Rope. A baffling routine using a large solid steel ring and a length of rope.
  • Page Advertisement for Tarbell's Course In Magic