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A most unusual book on sleight of hand and routined magic--unusual in that it is illustrated with 160 photographs, action shots taken of Mr. Nemoto to show every move. Includes routines with coins, cards, cigars, ropes, rings, Japanese cups and balls and other items. This is the first time a book of Japanese magical material has been published by an American firm. Mr. Nemoto is the protege and student of the famous Tenkai. You will enjoy his thoroughness and scholarly attitude toward his magic. The many photos make it easy. Edited by John Braun.


3 Foreword (Takeshi Nemoto)
4 Word From the Master (Tenkai Ishida)

5 Chapter 1 Coin Vanishes
6 Basic Sleeving: 
7 Turn Over Sleeve
8 Natural Vanish
10 Pinch Vanish
11 With a Handkerchief: two methods and an application
13 Cuffing: two methods

18 Chapter 2 Quick Tricks
18 Toss a Coin: heads or tails or vanish; two methods
20 Coin and Pen: vanish with aid of a pen
21 Ring On The Finger: ring is pulled off the finger

25 Chapter 3 Wrinkles
26 The Last Card Vanish; for cards up the sleeve
28 The Climax for the Coin Thru The Table: coin passes through handkerchief into glass
30 Pen Production: idea

33 Chapter 4 Routined Magic
34 Triumph Coins Thru Table: using non-US coins and some glasses
41 Spellbound: Nemoto's version
43 Flying Coin: Coins across
48 Cigar From Purse: with three wooden cigars 
59 Psychological Loser (Daniel Dobson): poker deal routine
61 Ring on the Rope: finger ring and rope routine, with variation
70 The Japanese Classical Cups and Balls: Performed on the floor with bowl cups, a fan, silk balls, and final loads