The Wizard’s Cellular Phone (John Cornelius)


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Imagine that you are anywhere and have a card selected. You then patter about a Wizardthat could read youir mind over the phone. You then take out your cellular phone dial the Wizard’s number and hand the phone to the spectator. The Wizard’s phone rings and his answeringmachine comes on announcing that he is out. At the end of his message he announces the select card! If you wish you can later repeat the effect with a different card or prediction. You can also have a card selected and pass your Wizard’s telephone over cards that are laying on the table. When the telephone gets over the selected card, your telephone rings! These are just a few of the dozens of things you can do with the Wizard’s celler phone and what is nice is that there is no activation fee, no monthly service fee, and you have the prestige of carring a cellular phone with you.