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This is one of Daryl's favorite videos, a product he is truly proud of!

The Ambitious Card is one of those rare things in magic - a 'perfect' effect. It is quick and easy to understand, yet has variations limited only by your imagination. The performance transcends all language barriers and can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. Freestyle routining makes this effect a little like playing jazz - once you have mastered the basic theme, you can improvise, weaving in and out of the routine to create a unique and personalized rendition for each and every performance.

On this video you will have the chance to witness the live performance of Daryl's gold medal F.I.S.M. winning routine along with a full and detailed explanation of each move and sequence. Daryl also demonstrates and explains dozens of other moves, additional tips and subtleties he has refined over the years to allow you to present your own unique routine... and be the very best you can be!

For the first time ever, Daryl also reveals on this DVD the real work in his amazing finale to the Ambitious Card routine - The Ultimate Ambition Improved. If you have ANY interest in The Ambitious Card effect, routine construction or magical psychology, you will find this DVD to be of tremendous value!