SPECTRUM – The Ultimate Color – Changing Deck by R. Paul Wilson

Spectrum is a super-powerful effect in its own right but is also an excellent way to open a card routine. A simple effect that allows you to openly reset the deck in front of the audience.

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A card is thought of (no force) and the deck is mixed, some cards face up and some cards face down. The spectator now reveals their card for the first time. An odd colored back appears in the deck. It is removed and handed to the spectator to hold. The deck is clearly still mixed face up and face down. With a snap of the fingers the entire deck suddenly turns face down. The odd backed card is turned over - it is the card the spectator simply thought of at the beginning of the effect! To correct everything, the entire deck now changes color to match the thought of card and is shown FRONT and BACK as the cards are dribbled from hand to hand.  A notice is given at the end of the included step-by-step, full color photo instructions.